Why Missions?

With the release of the 2011 Hemorrhaging Faith study, it was revealed that one of the key components in a teen’s life that makes them stick to their faith during Young Adult years, is Missions Trips.

Youth Pastors and Leaders started realizing how important Missions Trips were in the spiritual development of a teen and thus started organizing yearly trips.

Now, seven years later, Missions Trips remain critically important for discipling teens.

Barna’s comprehensive study of Gen Z shows us that they value justice. They see how broken the world is and they want to be a part of the solution.

The beauty about this is that we have something to call them to. When we organize missions trips, we give them the opportunity to see what it feels like to put your hands to the plow. It takes them beyond the teaching component, beyond the four walls of a church and into the world, where people need Jesus.

Through Missions Trips and other serving opportunities, we give them a unique opportunity to work along side of us as youth pastors and leaders to see the Kingdom of God multiply and to be the solution they are craving to be.

We have such an important and unique thing to call teens to. Let’s call them to get to work and to see the Kingdom of God come to those outside of the four walls of a church.

Let’s call them to make a difference, to make disciples.
Let’s call them back to mission.

If you don’t know where to start in leading a Missions Trip, I would love to connect with you and talk further about options. You can also reach out to the STM Network for help and resourcing. If you want some serving ideas for your students, watch the interview with Gospel Centre below and check out this blog.