The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada provides a process for receiving ministry credentials to support leaders in serving with integrity and excellence, while remaining faithful to sound biblical doctrine.  Being under the covering of a PAOC ministry credential encourages relational connection and health for both the minister and the ministry they serve in.

By “voluntary” it is meant that, upon learning the principles, doctrines, and practice of PAOC and by seeing the benefits one could derive from being associated with such an organization, a person, of his/her own free choice, decides to become a member, thus subscribing to all that for which the organization stands.

By “cooperation” it is meant that to the best of his/her ability, one will comply with all decisions setting forth and defining duties and responsibilities incumbent upon members of the organization, and will respect the will of the majority, expressed through democratic processes, as long as he/she remains a member.

Hence “voluntary cooperation” means that one, of his/her own free will, will decide to become a cooperating member of PAOC, this cooperation being obligatory and not optional.

The following documents provide the belief, governance and practice standards required for holding a PAOC Credential.

Please refer to the brochure Credentials … Qualified to Lead to discover the purpose and benefits of holding a PAOC Credential in the ABNWT District.

Credentials are provided through the International PAOC body and are managed by each District of the PAOC that an individual ministers in. Credentials are issued under the following categories:

  • Ordained

  • Licensed Minister

  • Recognition of Ministry

  • Ministry Related

All applicants for an initial ministry credential in the ABNWT District must first meet with the District Director of Leader Development and Care for an application interview.  At this interview, you will receive the ABNWT District process for applying for a credential.  Please email to request and schedule an application interview. Applicants do not require a current ministry position to apply for credentials, however credentials will only become active if the application is approved and a qualifying ministry appointment is received within two years of the approval date. If you’ve already had an application interview, please click through to access and download the Credential Documents.


The deadline for Annual Credential Renewal is June 30.

PAOC  International Office Clergy Records.  Online renewals can be completed through the PAOC website.  If you require a renewal form or have questions regarding the processing of your Credential Renewal, please contact  905-542-7400 Ext 3221.

Credential holders are expected to pay the annual credential fee and are advised to plan their finances accordingly.  If you are not currently in ministry, you must first inactivate your credential (this reduces the fee by 50%) by contacting the ABNWT District and then you may request further assistance if required.


Inactivating Your Credential:
If you are not currently in active ministry but wish to retain your credential, you may request to inactivate your credential by sending a request in writing (by mail or email [link to credential@]). You may remain on the inactive list for a maximum of two years, at which time you will need to either be in a qualifying ministry position and reactivate your credential or resign your credential. (If you have more than 15 years of continuous active credentialed ministry you may remain on the inactive list indefinitely.) All inactive credential holders must complete the annual renewal form and submit the appropriate fee, which is currently 50% of the active credential renewal fee.

Reactivating Your Credential:
If you credential is currently inactive and you have returned to a qualifying ministry position, you may reactivate your credential through a written request and by submitting the Ministry Appointment form to

Reinstating Your Credential:
If your Credential was formerly resigned in good standing or it was not renewed, and you are in a qualifying ministry appointment, please contact for the process to reinstate your former PAOC Credential.

Reclassifying to Ordained
To qualify for Ordination, you must hold a Licensed Minister Credential and be in active, continuous full-time ministry for a minimum of two years. You must also have completed the pre-Ordination training (LEAD for Ordination Seminar) which is held annually at the ABNWT District Office.  For further information on the Ordination process or to find out if you qualify, please contact


The District offers scholarships to Credential Holders pursuing furthering education.
For more details on scholarships including eligibility and amount of coverage, click here.