The Benefits of Coaching

A few years ago, the whole idea of church coaching and consulting wasn’t too widely known. Now it seems like every where you look there are options for church coaching, consulting, assessments and more. And although this may seem new to the world of Pastoring, it’s not that new. Most professions obtain coaching and consulting in order to help them get better at what they do. When I think of the importance of the message we have, why wouldn’t we want to get better?

There are two direct benefits of coaching as I see it:

1. Perspective: Coaching gives you a perspective that you wouldn’t have otherwise. You don’t really know how friendly your congregation is to visitors. You don’t really know if your parking lot is overcrowded. You don’t really know what is happening in your children’s ministry. And that’s not because you don’t care, it’s because you’re busy doing what you need to do. We get so immersed in our church that we need an outside perspective to help us with practical steps moving forward. Most pastors appreciate this element of coaching as it gives them a fresh pair of eyes to look at what they’re doing and make it even better.

2. Permission: Coaches will help you do the things you know you need to do but maybe are unsure if you should proceed. Leading a church is hard and it can often feel like you’re isolated. Coaching can give you the permission you need to make the changes necessary to move forward. It allows pastors and leadership teams to create buy in amongst their congregation by pointing to a trusted source. Often times, the leaders know what needs to be done but the coaching gives that extra backing that they need to move forward in confidence.

All across the ABNWT region, over 50% of our churches and pastors are engaged in active coaching with one of our coaches. This resource is available to you and your church leadership team.

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