Praying For Souls

One question we ask is, “If God was to answer all your prayers today, whose life would be affected other than yours and your family?” This is a powerful question because it exposes how selfish we’ve become. We pray only for ourselves and our needs. We say we want healing, but we don’t think about Jesus healing outsiders (which He did all the time). We only pray for healing for ourselves.

Here are 3 ideas to help you pray for souls:

1. Write down 5 names and pray for them daily. We ask the congregation to select five names of people that they will commit to pray for daily for 3 months Write their names down and pray for them. These need to be people that they can come into contact with.

2. Praying through the seven spheres of influence. Our society has seven areas of influence that Christians can pray for the authority, presence, influence, and power of God to cover. They are: Family (Nuclear & Extended), Economy (Research & Development; Science & Technology; Business & Healthcare), Government (Executive, Legislative, & Judicial), Religion (Local Church & Mission), Education (Preschool, Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, & Vocational), Media (Printed & Digital), and Celebration (Arts, Entertainment & Sports).

3. Praying through your community. Organize prayer walks or drives through your community and engage in praying and listening to what God is saying. Share those thoughts with the others on your team. Be prepared to respond in a practical way to what God says as you pray. For a prayer drive sample sheet, click here.

How are you engaging in prayer for the souls in your city? We have 4.1 million souls in the ABNWT region and we believe that God cares about every single one of them.