Planning For Fall

I hate to say it but Fall is coming. Besides the Pumpkin Spice lattes and leaves turning cooler, this is also a great opportunity for growth in the church. Many people who haven’t gone to church in a while or have never gone to church are more inclined to think about attending in the Fall. Don’t let it sneak up on you without spending time planning for your church.

Plan A Prayer Gathering

At the end of August and early September, plan an evening of prayer where you pray for your church, your community, your students and schools. Another idea is to go for a prayer walk or set aside a week of fasting and prayer. Make these prayer gatherings one hour and intentional. Have people think about who they are going to invite to church and pray for them by name.

Plan Your Sermon Series

From September through November, plan 3-4 sermon series that answer the questions people are asking. Think about how someone from your church would talk about what you’re preaching on to a non-believer. Would it interest them? Is it addressing something that people are dealing with? Make up invite cards and give them to your people so they have tools to invite their friends.

Plan Outreach

Think through a few ways you can let the community know “you are here” this fall. Refer to a blog post I did a few weeks ago HERE for ideas. Remember, your community needs to engage you outside the walls of your church.

Plan Kids Ministries

Remember that the largest demographic in Canada is 25-35 with young kids. Pour into your kids ministries like your church depends on it … because it literally does. The key to growing kids ministries is to create an experience that is so amazing, kids go to school and brag about it to their friends. You can access help from our Kids Ministry Specialist at your District Resource Centre.

What else are you planning for in the fall?