5 Systems That Need Your Attention

We know that systems are what keep us alive. We live in a Solar “System.” We breath using a respiratory “System.” We are nourished through our digestive “System.” This is no different in an organization. Vision and mission may compel growth, but systems will sustain it. In fact, your systems are currently designed to get the results you’re getting. So, if you’d like different results, you need to further develop your systems.

Here are 5 systems that you need to develop if you want to grow.

Assimilation System

This is the way that people get connected into the life of your church. Is there a clear and obvious next step to become part of your church? How do you get information? How do you track first, second, and third time guests? How do you move a guest to becoming part of your church? All of these questions will help you develop an assimilation system that will be able to take in newcomers and make them part of the family.

Leadership Development System

How do people become leaders in your church? How are you mentoring young leaders? How do leaders develop leaders? How are you equipping the saints for the work of the ministry ? Answering these questions will help you go beyond the 2 or 3 leaders that you currently have to developing a leadership culture where everyone is called and equipped to lead someone or something. The more leaders you have, the more you will facilitate growth.

Congregational Care System

Usually this is a system of one … the pastor does all the care. It is not possible for a single pastor to care for more than 50-60 people well. This means, you need to develop a system of care for needs in the congregation. Who visits people? Who organizes help for people and how does that work? Who communicates needs and ensures their prayer and practical help? Imagine if you were double your size of church … develop a system to care for that many people and you’ll grow into it.

Small Group / Discipleship Systems

People come because they enjoy the service, but they’ll stay because they made friends. Is there a clear and obvious next step for people to join a smaller group and become disciples? What does a fully devoted follower of Christ look like? How are you intentionally moving people along a discipleship pathway? Answering these questions will help sustain the growth you receive.

Administrative Systems

This is probably a separate blog on it’s own, but it addresses how rooms get booked, how communications are looked at, how schedules are made, how events are planned and executed, how the data base is populated and tracked and, how finances are budgeted and accounted for. Good people in your church often get frustrated because your administrative systems are broken. Looking at these areas and developing them for a church twice your size will help you prepare for a growth you can sustain.

What systems are you looking at? What improvements can you make today?