New Year, New Opportunities

Every time a new year rolls around, leaders get a bit of a “clean slate.” This is a great time to seize the opportunities that the new year affords us. Here are just a few ways you can do just that. 

Invite More People
Many churches report that their attendance increases in January . Why not see for yourself and invite more people to your church. Do a message series that is targeted towards people who are thinking of giving church a shot or exploring faith. Start an Alpha Course. Do a finance course for those who are realizing how much money they spent at Christmas. Let the community know what you’re up to for the next few months and invite them! 

Get Focused
A New Year is a great time to think about an overall theme or focus for your church. Where do you want to lead the church in 2019? What spiritual discipline do you want to focus in on? What do you want your congregation understanding this year? What are your goals for the church? Think about this as a leadership team. Write them down. Prayerfully consider what it is God is calling you to as this New Year approaches then make a plan. Focus allows you to say “no” to good things so you can say “yes” to the best things. 

Grow Forward
As leaders, we must continually develop our own leadership abilities. How will you develop your leadership gifts this year? Find a coach that can help you grow. Get a reading list of leadership books that you will commit to reading this year. Sign yourself up for conferences, classes and webinars that will teach you new skills. Do assessment tests to see how well you know yourself. Intentionally choosing to develop yourself will directly benefit those who follow you. 

What opportunities are you looking forward to in the New Year? Share that with us.