Must Have Youth Ministry Games

Check out these must have games for Youth Ministry.

Web Resources (FREE):

You can search the games below on Google and they should come up.

Big Group Games:

  • Clump (Everyone)

  • Chee-toes (Everyone)

  • Fish Frisbee (Everyone)

  • Find the Chalupa (Everyone)

  • Extreme Tic Tac Toe (Everyone)

  • Ballon Stomp

Squad Games:

  • Toast (Youth Group Collective)

  • Donut String Game

  • Marshmallow Drop Game

  • Trendy, and *Safe* Eating Challenges on Youtube

  • Stocking Face Tug-A-War

  • Human Space Invaders 

  • Chug Challenges: Slurpees, Weird Drinks, Hot Drinks, Milk…random liquids.

  • Baby Food Game: Bilndfolded

  • Bobbing for Onions (Relay)

Duo Games:

  • Jimmy Fallon Games: Egg Roulette, Box of Lies, Mad Libs, Sing it or Spray it etc...

  • Egg Tube Game

  • Balloon Nose Blow Up

  • Hoodie Legs

To hear our interview with Afope, watch the video below. Afope chats through the most important things to consider when leading games starting at the 4 minute mark.


This is a guest blog post by Afope Sanyade. Afope is the Jr High Pastor at BP Church in Calgary. You can connect with him here.