Engage Your Community This Summer

It’s always a good idea to build bridges into your community but Summer is a great time here in ABNWT. Do whatever you can to reach those who are not yet a part of the family of God.

Below are some low-cost outreach ideas that out you can use RIGHT AWAY!

  • Hand out freezies at a park or fair – Put a label on them that says something like“God Loves You” and your church name / website. Buy the return address labels from staples and print them off on your ink jet printer.

  • Police / Hospital / Fire Dept appreciation – Get muffins / coffee and bring them in. You could do this for other community service groups as well.

  • Community BBQ – This is a bit more work but possible. Do something simple like hot dogs and chips. You could combine it with a special event that is already happening in the community. You can even “charge” and raise money for a cause.

  • Hand out water bottles – again, label them, hand them out on a hot day or at an existing Community Event.

  • Community Clean Up – pick an area, get some garbage bags, clean it up. Take pictures, post on social media and tag the location of the area that you cleaned.

  • Party in the park – Advertise a day and take over a park. Provide games, bbq/potluck, face painting and more. This is a great event for your people to invite their friends to.

  • Host a community garage sale – get the surrounding houses to participate, turn your church parking lot into a garage sale.

  • Community Day Camp – Take 3 or 4 days in the summer and do a “VBS” style program for kids 6-12. You can do it just for the morning or afternoon (2 and 1/2 hours) It can be simple and fun. Keep the registration limited.

  • Outdoor Services – Take your service outside. Keep it fun and engaging. Maybe even play a few “rock tunes” that are notable to the unchurched. Make sure you consider noise permits and by-laws in your community.

  • Community Canvas – Pick 50 homes in your community and go and ask them 2 questions: “What do you love about this community?” and “What do you think is the biggest need in this community?” Take the answers and pick a need that you can meet in the Fall.

  • Outdoor Banner – Invest in a outdoor banner with your church name and website on it that you can put up at any event you attend. This is a bit of a cost but you can use it for a few years.

Do you have ideas to share? Put them below.