3 Key Relationships To Form Within Your Community

Unless we are intentional, the community will not come to us. Pastors and ministry leaders should be spending intentional time each week building relationships into the community.

Here are three Key relationships that you can invest in:

  1. Your Local Elementary School. Enter into a relationship with the Principle and staff of a local Elementary school. Bring coffee/muffins for teachers appreciation. Organize a “freezies Friday” or a “hot dog day” for the kids. Mobilize your seniors to read to the children. Start an after-school intramural program. Constantly seek out the needs and meet them.

  2. Your Chamber of Commerce. Build relationships with local business owners and community builders. Utilize leadership development as a platform. Give away “John Maxwell Leadership Bibles” or offer a Leadership Development “Lunch n’ Learn”. You can also advocate for the needs of the community. Organize fundraisers for community needs. Become a builder of a better community. Let your region know that you are for them.

  3. Your Community Services. Every town has different agencies (Government or Non-Government) that you can connect with and offer to help. You can make their services better by mobilizing volunteers, collecting donations, and enhancing services they already provide. You will also be able to see gaps in the community services offered and possibly fill them.

As a church, you have the opportunity to be IN the community, FOR the community and ABOUT the community. Invest your time in these relationships and ask God for opportunities to share His love with everyone you connect with.