Behind The Scenes At MG 2019

We recently enjoyed a great time at Ministers Gathering 2019 in Banff Alberta.  We often get several questions about the event so we’ve put it all together below.  

Can I view the sessions online? 
Yes, you can find it HERE

What music did you use for the pre-service music? 
We used the pre-service music from Hope City. You can find it HERE

Who designed those signs? 
Matt Baker from Hope City Church.  You can view them HERE

How did you create those motion backgrounds? 
We used the Shift Media Creator App for iPhone.  You can download that HERE

What were the songs that were played? 
Our awesome worship team from Journey Church selected the music.  You can see the songs HERE

Can I Purchase the “End Of Churchianity 2” movie? 
Yes.  Ryan Stockart has made that available to us with additional content HERE

Can I have those prayer sheets that were used in the morning prayer times? You can download those HERE

Where did you get the large banners made? 
We used Banner Buzz for our large format printing.  Check them out HERE

Where can I view the videos that were used during Ministers Gathering? 
You can view and download them HERE

Who did all the of Media / Production work at Ministers Gathering? 
The talented team from Production World and Kelly Kimo.  If you’re interested in talking tech for your church, email him at

We are already looking forward to 2020.  Watch for more information and plan to join us.