4 Calls From MG 2019

We gathered in Banff, Alberta for our annual Ministers Gathering and District Conference.  This is always a time of connection, inspiration, information, and vision.  This year, there were four distinct calls that went out to the ministers in attendance. 

The Call to the Great Commission –If we are going to reverse the trend of Christian influence in Canada, we need to reawaken to the Great Commission.  It’s not enough for us simply to acknowledge it, we must make the mission of Christ the main value that drives everything we do.  In our region, we are already seeing churches align their ministries towards the Great Commission and they are seeing new disciples being made. 

The Call to More Than Me – We are part of a tribe and we are better together.  When you’re part of a family, you share the burden with one another.  What does that look like for each of us?  If we are going to reach Canada and the world, it has to be about more than just our ministry.  We need to see that a win for one ministry or church is a win for Canada.  We need to share in both the celebrations and the trials.  We were called to pray for our nation and write our names upon the area we have a burden for.  Let us continue to unite our efforts and impact our nation together.

The Call to Sacrifice – Anything worth doing is going to be uphill.  As Kevin and Julia Garratt shared their story of sacrifice, we felt the call to commit our lives to the calling we have received.  Is it going to be easy?  No.  It’s going to take effort.  It’s going to take guts.  It’s going to take faith.  But we know that spending our one and only life on this is absolutely worth it.  Our vision to reach the 4.1 million souls in our region is going to mean that we sacrifice.

The Call to Serve the Greater Kingdom – It’s so easy to get caught up in our own ministry worlds we often forget that there is a greater call to serve the Kingdom.  There are so many churches, ministries and ministers that are pulling on the same rope we are.  We are want to introduce Canadians to Jesus Christ and help them follow Him with their whole lives.  It’s an exciting day when we fly the flag of Jesus higher than the flag of our denomination. 

What was your takeaway from Ministers Gathering?  
If you’d like to watch the sessions, you can do that HERE