6 Keys To Leading An Effective Youth Leader's Meeting

We’ve all been there right?

Those meetings we’ve been called into, but we have no idea why we are there. It feels so pointless.

My time is valuable to me.

How often do we do this to others? I try so hard to make every meeting I have control over, valuable.

Here are six keys I’ve found helpful in leading effective youth leader’s meetings:

1. Have fun & build community

Incorporating some hangouts over food and maybe even some short ice-breaker games into your time together can help relax people, build a strong sense of community, and break down cliques.

2. Cast vision

You cannot over-communicate vision. Clarify your group’s purpose and where you’re headed constantly. Continually communicate expectations so nothing is a surprise.

3. Give them a voice

Your leadership team does not want to just be told what to do or where your group is headed (I’ve made this mistake before). They want to have a say. They want to be a part of the direction and speak into where you’re headed. Cast vision, yes! But have your leadership team speak into it and feel a valued part of it along the way.

4. Have a purpose

People can smell a pointless meeting from a mile away. Make sure there is a clear reason why you are bringing them together. If it’s just for community building, great. Then don’t force a meeting into it just for the sake of having a meeting. If you need to have a meeting, make sure you know what you want out of it and people feel like it was worth their time.

5. Pray over them

I always found my youth leaders looked forward to getting prayed for. They are aways pouring out into your students, so set aside some time at the end of the meeting to make sure every leader is prayed for, either in breakout groups or one big group depending on the size of your team.

6. End on time

There’s nothing worse than telling everyone there is a leader’s meeting from 7-8:30pm and you don’t finish until 9:30pm. Show your leaders you value and respect their time and commitment by ending when you say you are going to end.

What are some other helpful things you’ve found in leading effective youth leader’s meetings?

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