The Art Of Neighboring

What if Jesus meant that we should love our actual neighbors?   

One of the best ways you can help your congregation engage in missional activity is to remind them that they live where they live for a purpose.  We believe that nothing happens by accident and so God has placed every Christ-follower in your church to live where they live so they could accomplish a specific purpose; reaching their neighbor with the love of Jesus. 

In the Alberta Northwest Territories Region, we need to seize the 5 months of decent weather when people actually step outside for longer than 2 minutes.  The art of neighboring encourages Christians to engage their neighbors and build relationships with them.  Sometimes this can be intimidating, but we know that God will help them as they step out in faith. 

You can help your congregation be good neighbors by: 

  • Teaching on the art of Neighbouring either on Sundays or in small groups

  • Modeling it yourself and sharing your stories

  • Circulating ideas weekly in the bulletin or on social media

  • Organizing “block parties” with your congregation to help engage neighborhoods

Check out The Art of Neighbouring website, book, and resources here:

How will you engage your neighbors this summer?  
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