Safeguards for a Productive and Healthy Season

While the following tips may seem to be simplistic and obvious, they are the very things many pastors neglect. Negligence in these areas will result in less than optimum physical, emotional and spiritual health and can lead to significant ill-health. Use them as a checklist as you enter this new fall season of ministry.

  • I take Frequent Short Sabbaticals (A fully detached day off each week)

  • I Sustain My Personal Relationship with God

  • I Pray

  • I Worship

  • I Read and Study the Bible for Personal Insight and Devotion

  • I Maintain and Nourish Close Friendships

  • I Develop and Sustain Peer Support

  • I Maintain an Active Relationship with an Accountability Partner

  • I Monitor my Balance Between Work and my Personal Life

  • I Evaluate my Schedule Content to Line it up with my Values

  • I Set Clear Boundaries – Say “No” without Guilt

  • I Eat Nutritiously

  • I Am Physically Active

  • I Get Adequate Rest and Sleep or Find Out Why I Can’t

  • I Schedule Regular Physical Exams

Remember, we believe in you, are praying for you and we are here to help in whatever way we can. However, only you can care for your health in the best possible way.

Be blessed and find enjoyment in what you do.