Leading Change Part 4

Change Changes You.

You may be looking at an impending change on the horizon, or are in the middle of a change. The change may be small or large. You may be change averse or the ultimate risk-taker.

What I know for sure is: whatever change you make will change you.

Unsuccessful changes and even successful changes will change you as a leader.

You are going to make changes. You are going to make needed changes. You’ll learn more about people, God, and yourself during a change than any other time in your life. Why?

Change is a magnifier - it makes everything bigger.

I believed being a pastor meant I was a leader. Pastor and leader were synonymous; interchangeable. Preaching and teaching and chairing Board meetings equated to leading. 

I thought of myself as a successful leader because people liked me. 

I discovered that pastors are not leaders just because they are a pastor or the chairman of the Board.

Leaders are leaders. 

Just because you are at the front of a line or at the top of a flow chart doesn’t mean you are a leader. You have to lead something to be a leader.

The test of a leader is the ability to lead necessary change successfully.

The hardest person to lead in your church is YOU.

What needs to change in my life in order to lead successful change?