Lead With Vision

In the past few months, as I’ve traveled to our churches in the ABNWT region, I’ve noticed a lack of communication of vision from our leaders.  It’s very important that we lead with vision because it is what connects people to something greater than ourselves.

Here are a few observations about vision and how to communicate it.

  1. Vision is a compelling vision of who we are trying to become and what we want to be.  Paint a picture of the “what” with vision. Answer the questions, “what are we trying to become?” or “What do we want to accomplish?”  This helps you to paint a compelling picture of what we’re trying to build.

  2. Vision needs to be big enough to stretch the congregation but small enough to empower them.  It’s important that we call our congregation to a “faith sized” goal.  It’s equally important that we provide the strategies for how we’ll get there.  If we air too much on either side, the vision won’t stick.

  3. Vision says, “At ______ church, we’re all about _________”.  What is your church all about?  What are you trying to achieve?  It can be a few things.  It will draw focus to what is most important to your church.

You should be able to communicate this in every service, board meeting, individual meeting, lobby hand shake and Facebook post.  Vision should be something you lead with all the time.  Wrestle with it.  Establish it.  Communicate it.