FREE RESOURCE - Social Media Posts

Over 70% of Canadians are active on social media.  This means that we need to be engaging them as best we can.  The two main social networks are: Facebook and Instagram.  The ideal amount of posting is either daily or every second day.  One of the main goals of social media posting is to get interaction and sharing.  Here are some great ideas to get that going: 

  • Post pictures of your Sunday experience and invite people to come next Sunday

  • Post a picture and a story of someone from your congregation or highlight a volunteer

  • Do a fun poll (I.e., Sweet or Savoury?)

  • Highlight a quote from last weeks’ sermon

  • Post engaging video content (I Am second, Modern Worship Songs etc…)

  • Post scripture verses

Our graphic designer, Emilie Stein, has created a series of scripture verses that you can post on your social accounts.  You can access them HERE.

How are you engaging people on social media?   Let us know in the comments.