4 Low Cost & Low Volunteer Ways To Engage Your Community This Summer

Summer is a great opportunity to get outside and meet your neighbours.  As a church, it is a great opportunity to engage with your community.  Many churches take a “break” in the summer as their volunteers leave for vacation, I would encourage you to plan a few things that will seize the opportunity for impact. 

Give Away Freezies: Go to the park or an event and hand out freezies.  Stick a label on them with your church name, website and a simple message that God Loves You. 

Community Clean Up & Prayer Walk: Take an evening and walk through your community to pray and pick up trash.  It’s a simple way to bless your community. Share some pictures of the event on social media. 

Fire Pits on the Property:  Purchase or borrow a few propane fire pits and organize a few nights around the fire with Marshmallows and maybe even a few guitars.  Use your church property and make it visible. Invite people from your neighbourhood to join you. 

BBQ At the Park or Spray Park: Take a Sunday afternoon to go down to the park or spray park and put on a community BBQ.  You don’t need to spend a lot, just have some hot dogs and juice; have your church family bring chips to share.  Put some music on, play some games and let people know they’re invited and it’s free.  

Remember to always build a bridge by getting information and inviting them to something else.  The opportunity to impact your community this summer is right there, take advantage of it.  

What other ways are you engaging the community this summer?