3 Presuppositions You Have to Address Every Week

In our ever-changing culture, when a newcomer visits your church, you are already on your back heals in terms of their presuppositions.

A person carries with them certain assumptions that you are either going to validate or change.  Usually, these are quite negative and you would do well to address these every week.

1. Church people are weird

Who actually attends a church?  The truth is that most don’t know who goes to the church.  Make every effort to show who attends your church on the website.  Use high-quality pictures and video to give as much of a glimpse of who attends and what goes on as you can.  Also, practice diversity on the platform and in the lobby.  Have different ages and stages and nationalities and demographics visibly a part of the service.

2. Church is irrelevant

Sometimes walking into a church looks like we’re walking into another era.  We need to think about what the décor looks like.  We also need to think through the language we use.  Are we speaking in modern English?  Also, are the topics relevant to daily life in this era?  Can what you’re saying help me go and live it on Monday?  We can get spooked when we hear the word “relevant” and think that Biblical accuracy and relevancy are opposed.  I believe that you can be both.  Simply explain using terms of today.  Help people see that Faith is applicable in this decade.

3. The Church just wants my money

Most of our culture thinks that the church is after our money.  As soon as they hear about the offering or a special gift, they think, “see … the church just wants my money.”  I think it’s important to address that every chance we get.  During the offering, let people know they don’t have to give.  If you’re doing free coffee, let people know it’s free.  Also, any chance you can give something away for free or for good value, you should.

Are there other presuppositions that you think the church should address?