District Remittance Form

(Church, WM, Youth and CE tithe, District projects and Designations)

Churches are asked to use the District Remittance Form to ensue that funds remitted are designated to the appropriate accounts.

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International Office Remittance Forms

(Invoices, Missionary support, Missions, Pension Fund contributions)

Remittance forms are available from the International Office via the PAOC Portal.


District Financial statements are audited and presented annually at the District Conference.  Copies are made available to all churches and to all credential holders of the ABNWT District.  Please email our office for more information.

Church tithe giving statements are mailed annually in November to all churches.


Biblical principles relating to personal finances are found in the Scriptures. The use of money is such a common occurrence in everyday living, one would expect the Bible to have some directions and guidelines. In fact, there are about 2,350 verses in the Bible that talk about money and material possessions — 16 out of the 38 parables in the Gospels deal with these issues.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada has a tool to come alongside pastors to assist their congregation in finding Biblical answers. Building Financial Security is a 90-minute seminar which presents Biblical principles dealing with budgeting, debt reduction, money management, retirement and estate planning. It’s a practical, easy-to-understand talk everyone in the church will appreciate. On request, we assist constituents with writing of personal wills and Power of Attorney documents free of charge through their local church.

We are also able to help our people convert their investment stocks into income tax deductions. The Canadian government allows us to give a charitable receipt for the full value of the stocks at the time they are transferred to the PAOC. Donors not only get a receipt for tax purposes but also are exempted from paying taxes on the capital gains of their shares.

It is the goal of Stewardship Services to bless our churches and constituents as we incorporate Biblical stewardship principles with financial planning decisions. It is our belief that we are not owners of the resources God has given us, but managers that can impact our world and God’s Kingdom both now and in the future.

For more information about have a Building Financial Security seminar in your church or donating stocks, please contact our District Stewardship Coordinator, Rev. Lorne McAlister, by phone at 780.991.6975 or email: Lorne McAlister.

Clergy Residence Deduction

When an employee is eligible to claim the Clergy Residence Deduction, the individual must enter the amount of that deduction when filing the T-1 General Income Tax Return. That amount is determined by completing the T-1223 form. You can download a PDF version of the form by clicking on the link. The form has 3 parts to be completed. The church or ministry as the employer will need to complete one of those parts. For more information on the Clergy Residence Deduction, you can download Interpretation Bulletin IT-141 .

Requirements for Donation Receipts

The Canada Revenue Agency has requirements for official donation receipts. Registered charities have to include the name and Web site address of the Canada Revenue Agency on official donation receipts. You can read more details on the Charities website.

Registered Charity Information Return (T3010)

Every church and ministry that has a Charitable Registration number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) must file an information return annually with the CRA. The return must be filed no later than six months after the end of the church or ministry’s fiscal period. You can check the CRA’s website for more information about this and other items at the Charities Directorate website.

When completing the T3010 form, a registered charity will need to report gifts made to other registered charities or “qualified donees”. That includes support of the Alberta & NWT District,Vanguard College and World Missions with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada. You will need to include in that report the Charitable Registration number of the qualified donees amongst other information. Below are the Charitable Registration number for the following:

  • Alberta & NWT District of The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – 118780279 RR 0001
  • The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada – 107833295 RR 0374
  • Vanguard College – 107785628 RR 0001

For more information, email Phil Doroshuk.

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