Leader Care

 Healthy leaders lead healthy ministries.

The care of our Credential Holders is vital to them experiencing health in their personal lives and the ministry they are engaged in. The ABNWT District Leadership is committed to provide a high quality of Pastoral Care for the Credential Holders in the ABNWT District. This care is facilitated through the office of the Pastoral Care Coordinator. The PC Coordinator works under the supervision of the Director of Development and Care, and alongside the Pastoral Care Committee, to continually improve the level of immediate, intimate and ongoing care that is offered. The goal of this ministry is to provide primary care to each Credential Holder and to develop a network of care that enriches their lives and validates their ministry over time.

For more information on leader care please view the tabbed content below. If you are looking for a connection and need to talk to some one, please email the Pastoral Care Coordinator.

Affinity Groups

An affinity group is a number of credential holders identified and organized into a common group, not according to geographic region, but according to the nature of their specific ministry. The purpose of these groups is fourfold:

  1. For the purpose of common visioning
  2. For further learning
  3. For mutual encouragement
  4. For ongoing relationship

Please e-mail Al Downey for more information on Affinity Support Groups.


Email Pastoral Care Co-ordinator


The ABNWT District has available services of professional counsellors across the province. Along with general counselling services, those with specialized counselling expertise are available. Professional Counselling referrals through the District Office are available by contacting the Director of Leader Development and Care or the Pastoral Care Coordinator. Financial assistance, where warranted, may be available.

The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, in partnership with the EFC, Focus on the Family and other participating denominations operate a private, confidential and anonymous counseling and referral service for ministry leaders. Credential holders may call 1-888-5CLERGY to be connected to professional Christian counsellors. Counselling calls are absolutely free to the caller. The cost of this service is covered jointly by the District Office and the International Office.

Kerith Creek

The Alberta and Northwest Territories District of the PAOC endorses the ministry of Kerith Creek, a Focus on the Family operated retreat center providing respite and counsel for Ministry Couples. More information on this ministry is available by contacting the District Pastoral Care Coordinator or by direct contact with Kerith Creek. Click here for more info.

Discipline & Restoration

Discipline is an exercise of Scriptural authority for which the Church is responsible. Sections of the Local Church Constitution refer to the discipline and restoration of Church members. The aims of discipline are that God may be honoured; the purity and welfare of the ministry maintained; and those under discipline brought to repentance and restoration. Discipline is to be administered for the restoration of the minister, while fully providing for the protection of the spiritual welfare of the local church. It is to be redemptive in nature as well as corrective, and is to be administered under a dispensation of mercy. This is the same principle for District Credential Holders who are facing discipline and potential restoration due to violation of requirements for holding a ministerial credential found in the PAOC General Constitution & By-Laws.

The Leadership of the ABNWT District desires Credential Holders who are under discipline and seeking restoration to be restored to a place of ministry and effective functioning as a part of the Body of Christ. Whether that includes credentialed ministry within the PAOC or not is another question to be determined. A foundation for the District model of discipline and restoration is found in the words of Galatians 6: 1-2 as God’s command for such a time as this: “Brothers, if someone is caught in a sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself, or you also may be tempted. Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ” (NIV). The desire of the District Leadership Team is to walk with an individual through their period of restoration and help carry their burden.

The goal of the District Restoration Program is to help restore individuals to the place where they can come to wholeness in Jesus Christ. During this process there will be people who genuinely care, and their caring, along with the inner comfort, strength, and help of the Holy Spirit will enable those in restoration to come through this experience a wiser and better person.

Additional Resources

Recommended Reading for Leadership Care

The Director of Leader Development & Care recommends some great resources that will bring increased health to your leadership. Click here and scroll to the bottom of the page to view reading list.

Are you overwhelmed by the tasks before you? 

Pastor Tommy Nelson describes this scenario and how it led him down the path to depression.  In a radio interview on May 16-18, 2011 with Dr. James Dobson, Pastor Nelson talks about his own ministry journey. The Lord, his family, and his doctor helped bring him the relief he needed. It’s a practical message of encouragement and hope.

Rev. Tommy Nelson, has served as pastor of the Denton Bible Church of Denton, Texas, since 1977. He is also a national platform speaker for the Fellowship of Athletes, Campus Crusade for Christ and other national ministry organizations. Tommy graduated from the University of North Texas, and then received his Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

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