Small Group Study on Sharing Your Faith in a post Christian World

How do you share your faith in a post-Christian Canada? Are we introducing people to the real Jesus?

We’ve created a FREE resource that will allow you to get into a small group and have these practical discussions. This will help your congregation to think outward bound. This study is called “When The Dead Live”. This is a 5 week small group study by ABNWT and Mission Canada Worker Connie Jakab (Cypher Church) that talks about how you can share your faith in a post Christian world.

We are sharing this content for free. You can use it as a small group or church study. It really creates a case for “what type of Jesus are we presenting” in a world that is afraid of Christianity.

All 5 sessions of the study are online and available here.

The discussion guide is available here.

We highly recommend you purchase the book with it.

Feel free to use this as a resource for your churches. You can also contact Connie here and visit her website here.


We hope you enjoy our content. We want to resource you to lead your ministry like never before.