What would it look like if week after week you presented the gospel and invited people to respond?

You can do this on Sundays, in Children’s Programs, Youth and Young Adults and any other time.

In this webinar, I lay out some key concepts in presenting the gospel, inviting people to respond, and following up with them.  

You can check out this free resource HERE.

You can view the next steps booklet I’ve created HERE.

John Albiston

Effectiveness Coach at ABNWT District of the PAOC
John works as an Effectiveness Coach with the ABNWT District of the PAOC. He is a strategic thinker who has pastored urban and rural churches, traditional and on the cutting edge. He is a passionate evangelist who is committed to rapid church growth by creating churches that unchurched people love to attend. With his church planting, multi-service, multi-site, and church merger experience, he regularly trains leaders, coaches church planters, and helps other pastors lead their churches into new growth.
John Albiston

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