Resources To Help You With Social Media

We’ve been talking about engaging the 78% of Canadians in your community on social media. Here are some great free resources that you can use to help you rock it!

Sharable Scripture Pics and Quotes:
Our own graphic designer, Emilie Stein, has been working on some graphics exclusive to our own ABWNT tribe. You can download them here. She will be adding to this folder throughout the year so keep the link.

Graphic Design Apps that will make your posts look professional:
There are a few graphic design apps that you can put on your phone that will make you look like a professional designer:
Adobe Spark is a great tool for images, fonts, and social media sizes. Download it here.
Word Swag is a great tool for quotes and scriptures. Download it here.
Canva is a great tool that you can use on your desktop or on your phone. Check it out here.

Video Tools that are easy to use:
Video is the primary way we communicate on social. Here are some tools to help you create great videos:
Boomerang is a fun tool to create short videos that will engage people. Download it here.
Magisto is a quick and powerful video editing tool. Download it here.
Blender is a free open source video editing software for your desktop. Check it out here.

Scheduling Apps that do the work:
Keeping up with social media is a lot of work. That’s why it’s best to use a scheduler to help keep you posting regularly:
Hootsuite allows you to schedule multiple social media accounts (up to 3 for free). Check it out here.
Later is a free social media scheduler for instagram. Check it out here.
Buffer has been around for a while and is fully robust although it may cost a bit. Check it out here.
Wondering what to actually post? You can check out some ideas here.

How to take great photos with your phone:
One of the keys to social media is to post pictures of your church in action. If you want to learn how to take great photos with your phone, check out this iPhone photography course here.

Have you found some other free resources? Share them with us.