Behind The Scenes At Ministers Gathering 2018

We just finished an amazing Ministers Gathering 2018 at Banff Park Lodge.  Many who attended have been asking questions about the event so we thought we’d put them in one blog.  I hope it helps.

Where can I view the sessions?
You can view them here 

What program do you use to handle event registration? 
We use Reg Fox

Who ran production on this event? 
Our friend Kelly Kimo, Tim Antoniuk and Mike Love over at Production World

What was the backdrop made of? 
The Backdrop was natural coroplast with flattened coffee filters attached with 3M Super 77 Spray.

Who made those table covers?
These were made by Banner Buzz

Can we get a copy of those prayer sheets you had for our Prayer times. 
Yes, they are right HERE

Can we get a copy of the 3 videos of churches that have experienced vitalization? 
Yes, they are right HERE

Can we get a link to the pre-service music on spotify?
Yes, thanks to our friends at Mill Woods Assembly you can check it out HERE

Who did those stickers?
Our own Emilie Stein designed them, and Keen Creative printed them

Where did you get those welcome signs?
Matt Baker from Mill Woods Assembly designed them and we printed them and mounted them on Coroplast with 3M super 77 spray.  You can check out the design HERE

How did you get those motion graphics for the song backgrounds?
We made our own using the Shift Media Creator App.

Who did that opening video?
Justin Weisinger from Instrinsic Media and you can view it HERE

Who gave us all the books? 
That was our friends at Parasource

What Songs did you Sing?

Tuesday PM

  • Alive In You (Jesus Culture)

  • This Is Amazing Grace

  • Lion and the Lamb Bethel/Leeland

  • O Praise The Name  Hillsong

  • Jesus Paid It All Passion

  • Close Hillsong Young & Free

Wednesday AM

  • Ever Be Bethel

  • Trust & Obey Hopefulson

Wednesday PM

  • Praise Him Hillsong

  • Love Goes On Hillsong Young & Free

  • Lord I Need You Maher

  • God With Us Torwalt

  • I Will Trust You Torwalt

  • In Control Hillsong

  • Alive In You Jesus Culture

  • My Life Housefires

Can I have the links to all the booklets and programs used at Ministers Gathering?

Yes, they are HERE