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Children’s Ministry is discipling children, reaching families and training up the next generation of spiritual leaders in our communities and churches. Effective children’s ministry ensures that kids today have a solid biblical foundation of faith and provides a foundation of health and vitality for the church of tomorrow.

Wee College

The “Wee College” program was developed into a three year course for preschoolers, who may start year one at the age of 4. The program is run in numerous churches across denominations in Canada and beyond.

The original Wee College manual is available for a nominal cost from the National Office of the Pentecostal Assemblies (call 905-542-7400). For information about Wee Colleges in Alberta, contact Lyella Lifeso (780-462-1515).

Ministry to Kids from Single Parent Families

One out of two North American children will live in a single parent family at some point. Long term studies have shown that the effects of a parents divorce extend 25+ years in a child’s life affecting their education, career and relationships.

There are a number of good options for churches who are interested in responding to the cries of children attempting to cope with the divorce, death or separation of their parents. Please visit the program websites for more information:

Plan to Protect

An implemented Plan to Protect program (or equivalent) is required by all Canadian insurers as a condition of church liability insurance and is a mandatory policy for all developing assemblies.

Available for sale through the PAOC International Office Order Desk. Cost: $69.99 (plus GST and shipping/handling). To Order:


MAK (Missions and Kids) not only provides practical tools to connect kids to missions, but also provides critical funding to PAOC missions to purchase supplies, fund projects and cover the school fees missionaries must pay for their kids to be educated on the mission field.

If your church is not already tied into MAK, then consider asking for a MAK Pak (call the PAOC National Office at 905-542-7400) and setting an ambitious giving goal for your kids. They can make a substantial difference in this world!

Facebook Forum

If you would like to connect with other children’s pastors request to join our Facebook group where we discuss the issues and problems that face us as children’s workers, but also where we dream and share ideas to be better effective in our areas of ministry.

Leann Woelk

Leann Woelk

Children's Ministry Director