Kidstitute is a week-long PAOC camp offered at Sunnyside Christian Retreat Centre at Sylvan Lake designed especially for kids in grades one through six. Our vision for kids camp is to provide an opportunity for kids to receive Christ, nurture a desire for a life-long relationship with Him, and to develop a hunger for the presence of God through a tangible and real-life experience with Him. It is a time to build friendships and mentoring relationships that have the potential to last a lifetime.


  • When: July 16-21, 2017
  • Where: Sunnyside Christian Retreat Centre, Sylvan Lake, AB
  • Who: Kidstitute is open to all children who are going into grades 1-6 in the upcoming school year.
  • Cost: $220 Earlybird (before May 15), $235 Regular (May 15- June 25)

For more information check out the tabs on this webpage, our pdf promo materials, or call toll free 1-844-426-0018.





Morning & Afternoon Activities
Cabins will rotate through a bunch of exciting activities every hour, including crafts, a slip-and-slide, tuck shop (can anyone say, candy?!), games, a water fight, and last, but not least, swimming!


Kidventure Chapel
Buckle up your seatbelt and get ready to go on the great Kid-venture! Kidventure chapel is all about kids meeting God in an fresh and adventurous way.  What an incredible thing!


Evening Activities
There’s no better way to wrap up your long summer day than participating in an excellent evening activity with a late-night snack and beverage in hand.


Pull on your inflatable duck swim ring and wade in the lake at Sunnyside during our waterfront activities rotation.  There’s just no better way to beat the summer heat.


Whether it’s backwards night, ‘everyone’s a twin’ theme, or silent dinner, meals at Sunnyside are sure to put a new spin on how kids can ‘play’ with their food!


Even though we’re thankful for every day of the week, Friday is an extra special day at camp, so we Thank God it’s Friday (TGIF)!  At TGIF on Friday afternoon, we pull out all the stops and really have a rip-roaring celebration!


Friday BBQ
What better way to wrap up a week than having burgers, hotdogs, pop, chips, and tons of other delicious things with your parents!  The whole family’s invited – just make sure mom or dad buys enough tickets!

CLICK HERE to register for Kidstitute.

Questions? Call toll-free 1-844-426-0018




Kidstitute is looking for fun, energetic, and enthusiastic youth with great attitudes and a heart for children to know God better as counsellors at our kids summer camp. If you are 15 years and older and interested in joining our camp counselling team (Counsellor Assistant can apply at 13) please click on the link below to start you counsellor application process. [Note: To complete your application you will need to have one pastoral and one other reference, a large jpeg headshot of yourself and your Alberta Healthcare Number.]



How do I get to Sunnyside? Sunnyside Camp is just 15 minutes North of Sylvan Lake off of Highway 20, address 202 Birchcliff Road, Sylvan Lake, Alberta.  Click here for a map and directions.


What are the age limits for each camp? Kidstitute is open to all children who are going into grades 1-6 in the upcoming school year.


I have two kids who are going to the same camp but are different ages. Can they be in the same cabin? Rooming requests will be taken into account for students who are in the same grade or are one year apart in age.  Rooming requests are requests and cannot be guaranteed.


What time does registration sign-in start on Sunday? Registration starts Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM (no earlier) inside the main dining hall, and ends at 4:00 PM. Please do not arrive any sooner, as we will not start registration until this time.


Can I come visit my camper during camp? Yes, but please call ahead to schedule the best time to come!  Campers cannot be taken out of activities and/or offsite unless you are signing them out of the camp for the remainder of the week.  Upon arrival, please speak with a staff member at the front desk, and they will register you as a visitor.


Why can’t my kids have their cell phones at camp? We understand it is a digital age, but sometimes a good old fashioned break is necessary.  Parents, please partner with us to ensure the safety of all our campers by ensuring your camper takes a vacation from their cell phone during camp.  If your camper should need to call home during camp, the use of a landline will be made available daily.  Thanks for your cooperation!


What about my camper’s medications? All medications will be collected at registration by the camp and will be dispensed by the camp first aid during the camp as per parental instruction. Campers with asthma inhalers and EpiPens may carry these with them as required.


Does my camper need money for tuck? No, tuck allowance included in the registration fee.


Download a packing list here.